3 Keys To Break Through To The Next Level

3 Keys To Break Through To The Next Level

Apr 13, 2021

The Success Blueprint

Now, let me introduce the 3 Core Elements that consistently need to be integrated in order to tap into your full potential, optimise your performance & well-being, and ultimately live a fulfilling life.

  • Core Identityis about having crystal clarity of WHO you are, knowing what drives your everyday decisions, thoughts, actions, and behaviours (and of course your results too), and knowing your purpose and life mission. It’s about knowing what really matters to you and what gives you meaning.

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Resilienceis about knowing and having the skills to manage and regulate your emotions, but also to understand how to communicate and interact effectively with others to develop human relationships, and foster collaboration and teamwork.

  • Authentic Strategiesis the ability to design and implement realistic personalised strategies that are fully aligned and congruent with your Core Identity to suit your needs, desires, and unique situation, and get you the results that you’re aiming for.

Consistently, we have observed that these 3 elements are the proven and time-tested essentials for personal transformation, career success, and fulfilment, because they allow you to find your natural flow.

So, with this framework in mind, if you feel you’re not currently playing at the level you’re capable of, or if you’re frustrated that things are not working the way you hope they would, it might make sense to start asking yourself some quality questions.

It might be a good opportunity to set some time aside (just) for yourself and start wrapping your mind around the following quality questions:

  • Are you clear on your Core Identity? - If not, what can you do today to move towards greater clarity?
  • Have you acquired the skills to regulate your emotions and effectively communicate with others?
  • Have you identified the unique Authentic Strategies that will lead you to personal & career success, and help you play a bigger game in life?

Coming up with this framework was quite enlightening for us, so it’s quite possible (and we sure hope) that it will be for you too.

Life is what we make it…

If you get an insight or identified an area in your life that may need some attention, or if

The Success Blueprint framework helped you get more clarity in any way, we’d love you to share it with us.

Our mission is to empower people like you to activate their genius and potential to play a bigger game and build their legacy, and if by reading this article you had a “light bulb” moment, or discovered something that is going to help you move forward, we’d love to hear about it.


Drs. Marcia & Olivier Becherel are Personal Leadership Specialists, Life & Business Strategists, Executive Coaches, and the founders of Mastery to Success.

Our mission is to help you activate your personal leadership and tap into your unique design so you can create a clear path forward and enjoy a rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful life and career.

We help high-achieving professionals, business owners, and emerging leaders to break through to the next level of their life and career by creating a clear path forward.

With more than two decades of experience, our coaching experience and skillsets have set new standards in tuning the human mind, body, and behaviour to achieve greater success, fulfilment, and impact by mastering the science of personal leadership.

Combining our coaching experience and expertise in neuroscience, human behaviour, leadership, the mind-body connection, and business, we work as a powerful team to deliver real-life results fast for our clients.


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