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  • Are you confused at what to do next in your life or career?

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It takes courage to discover your authentic self, and commitment to align your actions with your vision. We believe the life you think and feel is possible, can be created.


We can help you connect the dots, put the pieces of the puzzle together of the greater purpose of what you are here to do, and empower your life journey to profit from your purpose and live a fulfilling life.

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I am on the verge to launch another business project and although I had an idea of what my values are , I was still building my business by the “shoulds” and hiding myself behind my “can’ts”. I now have clarity and certainty on my business journey and strategies I want to put in place, to create something meaningful – a reflection of me. I can’t wait to continue working with them and start unfolding my vision and living my vocation.

Katina Cuba

Founder & Managing Director, Expande

The Clarity Factor with Olivier and Marcia was priceless! To get a deeper understanding of who I am, clarity on my core drivers and the magical insights gained was the breakthrough I needed to expand and shift in my personal and professional life.

Aina Notoa

Founder & Managing Director, Gr8Women

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