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Mastery to Success - Transforming your results

Where will you be one year from today?

Unsure about your next step
  • Stuck and frustrated because nothing has changed for the better in your life?

  • Having that nagging sense of loss about your career opportunities?

  • Unfulfilled in your career and feeling lost because you don’t have a clear path forward?

  • Filled with doubt and insecurity because you struggle to make a decision about your next step?

  • Beating yourself up because you feel the last few years you haven’t really moved forward and you’ve wasted precious time?

  • Or would you rather...

    Clarity on your next step in life
  • Know in your heart that you are on the right path because you learned how to use your unique gifts and talents to take your career and life to the next level!

  • Enjoy life because you have a clear sense of direction, a big vision to move towards, and life is filled with opportunities that are truly aligned with you! 

  • Feel a sense of achievement knowing you have created a rewarding and meaningful career, and you’re making an impact!

  • Be able to express your unique potential, being heard, respected, and acknowledged for doing something that matters!

  • Know that you made the best decision to invest in yourself to get really clear on who you are so that you can live your life on your own terms! 

  • Let's chat
  • Our clients are people, just like you, who want to...

  • Go to the next level of their life and career

  • Tap into their full potential because they know they have more inside

  • Be on the path of a rewarding and meaningful career

  • Make a difference through their work

  • Create financial independence to enjoy more freedom

  • Gt the support your need to thrive

    We specialise in helping high-achieving professionals to break through to the next level by creating a clear path forward

    Drs. Olivier & Marcia Becherel

    Hi, We're Olivier & Marcia,

    We launched Mastery to Success in 2009 because we believe that it’s every person’s birth right to reach their full potential and have a rewarding and fulfilling career and life so they can bring their original contribution to serve the world. 


    While we both have had successful academic careers, however deep down we knew that there was more to life. We wanted to make a global impact to build a better future!


    Over the past 10 years, we’ve been fortunate to guide, support, and empower professionals both locally and globally across 18 countries.

    Drs. Olivier & Marcia Becherel

    Personal Leadership Specialists, Life & Business Strategists, Executive Coaches


    That means you are living the life many people are only dreaming of having...


    Know yourself on a deeper level and uncover your unique potential


    Identify the right path forward to express your unique talents


    Learn to master your emotions to build unshakable confidence


    Connect with your life’s purpose to build your legacy by design

    You could do that on your own but it's going to take you a lot more time, effort and cost you way more money...

    It's time to get the support you need to unlock your true potential and break through to the next level of your life and career!

    A few words from our clients


    Before working with Olivier & Marcia, I had no clarity on where to go next in my life journey. There was uncertainty around my career and if I wanted to continue. I felt frustrated with not knowing what to do next. Having gone though Olivier & Marcia's Clear Path Forward coaching program, I now have direction, clarity around the future, and a plan to move forward. I felt very supported through the entire process and I have learned more about myself in the past few weeks than I have done in the last 20 years. I recommend Clear Path Forward to anyone who feels stuck or is going through a crisis and wants to understand themselves better and get more clarity around their future career.

    Anne Fry


    When I came to Marcia, I was hitting the wall in all aspects of life, especially in physical and emotions. After working with Marcia and Olivier, since day one, I regain clarity, confidence and have established a strong relationship with my values and my true authentic self. It has been such inspiring, empowering, and impactful sessions. This is where my unbreakable foundation is cemented. I am empowered, grateful and positive about my journey ahead.

    Sophia Jamjuree


    Olivier and Marcia truly compliment each other as coaches, fusing their wisdom and knowledge in a powerfully unique way. After attending a workshop for Entrepreneurs, I felt like it was the right time to reach out for support and gain the clarity I needed to really achieve the goals and visions I had. Working with both Olivier and Marcia over a 10 week period gave me the insights and practical tools needed to gain clarity from both a strategic business perspective while clearing emotional blockages that gave me grounding and stability. For anyone who wants to gain clarity around their business, personal life or at work, I highly recommend Olivier and Marcia.

    Nica Bautista


    Prior to meeting Dr Olivier Becherel and completing the Clear Path Forward Program, I found myself at a crossroads. Caught between the plan that I had always known and a dream with no clear plan; stuck in the confusion and competing priorities that laid in between. Working together I gained the clarity and confidence that I sought to understand where my resources were best invested to step into my most fulfilling work – both personally and professionally. Olivier and Marcia have equipped me with the mindset and toolset to continue to progress through life identifying what is truly important and setting plans in motion to achieve this.

    Kylie Stephan


    I completed Olivier & Marcia's Clear Path Forward program a few months ago. If only I had done it 10 years ago, the business person/accountant in me knows that I would have done things differently and retired with 10 times the wealth I have now.

    Alan Elphinstone


    Marcia and Olivier are excellent coaches who I would recommend highly. They are able to assist you to tackle any issue as well as grow your business. Balancing theory with practicality, they are able to assist you to take your life to the next level. Their deep knowledge and content is unique and cannot be found elsewhere.

    Gail Bray

    Are you ready to do what it takes to break through to the next level of your life and career?

    Now is the time for you to unlock your true potential and step up to the next level... You deserve it, and you owe it to yourself!

    Live by design with a clear path forward!

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