Embrace Change: Flourishing In An Uncertain World

In today's fast-changing and unpredictable world, the ability to wholeheartedly embrace change and navigate through uncertainty is not just a desirable trait; it's a vital one.

The Power of Rituals & Habits For High Performance

Learn how to stair-step your way to personal and professional success with the power of consistency.

5 Steps To Create The Life And Career You Love

This 5-Step framework helps you bring more meaning, income, and fulfilment to your life by doing what you love, making a difference, and building a legacy.

Nature And The Hero's Journey

Throughout our lives, we will face building and destroying. When the destruction is what is most visible and obvious, it is important to take some time to look for the hidden creation.

Ichigo Ichie - Honouring Every Moment In Life

The past is history, the future is a mystery but the present moment - ICHIGO ICHIE - is a gift for those who give it their full attention.

Two Strategies to Relieve Your Stress and Boost Your Productivity

One of the most stressful thing we all experience, no matter where we are in life, is running out of time, seeing time passing by and not achieving what we want...

“I Really Can’t Share Any Of My Personal/Career Challenges With Anyone In My Company…” (Roadblock #10)

A coach can help you identify and focus on what’s important, which accelerates your success and thus ultimately benefit the company.

“I Don’t Always Feel Good About Myself Because I’m Not Tapping Into My Full Potential…” (Roadblock #9)

Deep down, you know with certainty that there is more to you than meets the eye, but for some strange reason, it’s not happening…

“I’m Good At What I Do, But I Still Procrastinate On The Tough Stuff, Which Slows Down My Performance…” (Roadblock #8)

In most cases, it’s a combination of the conscious and subconscious reasons that lead you to procrastinate on the tough stuff.

“I Have Conflicts That Occur Within My Team and I Know I Could Manage Those Relationships Better…” (Roadblock #7)

Most conflict situations are emotionally charged because they concern issues that are important to members – whether needs, values, beliefs, fears, identity, or ideas.

“There Are Times When I feel I’m On An Emotional Roller Coaster…” (Roadblock #6)

Have you ever asked yourself why people go on roller coaster rides of emotions from time to time?

“At Times, I Feel Disconnected From My True Authenticity In Order To ‘Play The Game’ At Work…” (Roadblock #5)

There are other occasions when you ‘play the game’ in front of your colleagues at work because you are afraid of revealing your truth.

“Because I Feel Constantly Overwhelmed, My Clarity And Decision Making Isn’t At The Level I Want It To Be…” (Roadblock #4)

The world offers a wide range of options, and it’s possible that this is turning people, like your colleagues or yourself, into maximisers.

“My Work Has Consumed Me To The Point Where Other Areas Of My Life Are Being Neglected…” (Roadblock #3)

We believe it’s time to retire the cult of ‘busy’. Time is the singular measure of life. It’s one of the few things you cannot get more of.

“I Don’t Feel As Connected To My Work As I Used To…” (Roadblock #1)

The key for you to stay connected with your work is to know your core values and your core drivers.

Are You Following the Positive Change Formula to Create Your Desired Outcomes?

Positive change allows us to adapt, develop and stay cool under pressure in a constantly changing environment without becoming overwhelmed by chaos.

3 Insights From Neuroscience To Improve Performance

The more you understand your brain – it’s regions and how it functions, the better you can use it to improve your level of satisfaction in life.

Follow Your Own Rhythm

The take home message is about the importance of listening to your own body and following your own rhythm.

Below The Surface Is What Makes The Difference

While habits and behaviours are certainly linked to outcomes, simply repeating those of “successful people” won’t necessarily work for YOU.

Basis For Long Term Change

The change you want to make needs to be aligned with your values. Otherwise, it will never happen and you’ll keep beating yourself up about it.

5 Questions To Achieve Your Goals

Setting goals is much more than formulating your goals correctly.

The Optimism Bias… Is Necessary!

When it comes to predicting what will happen to us, we often overestimate the likelihood of positive events, and underestimate the likelihood of negative events.

The two sides of the “Connection Age”

This technological revolution has transformed and reshaped the way people communicate and connect with each other.

It’s ALL about Values

When someone is doing something that doesn’t match his/her highest values, that person tends to procrastinate, frustrate and hesitate, lacks energy, enthusiasm and motivation.

Writing Things Down and Manifestation

Writing – or drawing – is the medium we use to clarify, synthesise, explain ideas and thoughts.

It’s Just the Way We Think

Did you know that every time you think about something you engage different neural pathways depending on what you think about?

Reflection on Failure

What if failure was to be seen as the line of least persistence?

The Value of Knowledge May Not Always be What You Think

In the Information Age, rapid changes in technology and communication often push people to learn vast amounts of disposable knowledge at the expense of sustainable knowledge.

2 Steps to Identify What You’re Best at

If you’re not looking for a new career or trying to find a job, this will allow you to reflect on your unique value and better appreciate who you are.

The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

Sometimes you come across a simple yet powerful book. The One Thing is one of those.

What to do When You are Overwhelmed: 5 Simple Tips to Breathe Again

If you find yourself in an overwhelming situation having to deal with too much information or ‘stuff’, here are 5 simple tips to help you breathe and take thoughtful actions on the situation at hand.

Making Better Decisions With Clarity of Distance

While both speed and complexity have grown exponentially in the last 10 years, the time we have available to make decisions that count has decreased exponentially.

A Quirk of our Mind: What You See is not Always...

When we don’t have all the information, we tend to fill in the blanks to create meaning.

How to Get Things Done

The underlying cause of why people don’t get things done when they have too much stuff is because they don’t see connections between the things themselves and they don’t see any pattern or order.

The year of the Dragon… There is still time…

In Chinese astrology the dragon person born under this Chinese Zodiac sign tends to be a “doer” – they do things and achieve power by getting things done.

Help a child with the Power of Gratitude

When you buy my Gratitude Journal, not only you help yourself harmonise your physiology and appreciate life even more but you also make a difference in one of these children’s life.

Feeling Drained Of Energy Going Uphill All The Times: Clue #3

The two most common issues that people face are an absence of internal drive and meaning and the difficulty to overcome obstacle and stay cool under pressure.

Feeling Stuck? Clue #2

The two most common issues that people face are an absence of internal drive and meaning and feeling stuck because of the difficulty to move forward and execute.

Not Getting The Results You are Capable of: Clue #1

The two most common issues that people face are a lack of confidence and a resistance to take action.

Are You Doing It The Hard Way or the RIGHT WAY?

Authentic Strategies integrate the core 3 aspects of life which include: Mind, Body and Environment.

The Most Important Skills to Master for Success

Empathy, self-awareness, self-regulation, and the ability to read the emotions of others are necessary skills for those who wish to make positive changes in their personal and work lives.

The Foundation Stone of Success

Your core identity is your compass, it gives you the direction, the energy and the momentum to move forward.

3 Keys To Break Through To The Next Level

The 3 Core Elements that consistently need to be integrated in order to tap into your full potential, optimise your performance & wellbeing, and ultimately live a fulfilling life.

How Can I Take Better Care Of Myself (and Others)

Here are 3 simple ways you can use today to start taking better care of yourself emotionally, and in turn take better care of of others.

What’s Standing Between You and More Success

We look for role models, heroes, and gurus – people that inspires us and that we aspire to become. We look for successful people we can learn from in order to mimic their actions and behaviours...

Have you Heard about this Formula? Check it out!

If you want to manifest something, you must first be able to describe it and then share it with someone.

3 Ways Smart Business Owners Manage Time

There’s two types of people in this world, people who are highly effective with their time, and then people who have a lot of non-productive time not achieving a great deal.

10 Roadblocks Holding You Back From More Success

If you’ve reached an impasse or you feel like you’ve just “hit the wall”, you may have encountered one of these roadblocks.

The 3 Laws of Implementation

There is need for implementation – the deliberate act of making a decision and taking action upon that decision.

It’s Not Always About Learning a New Strategy

In most situations, there are 3 reasons why you’re not achieving what you desire most.

The New World of Work – Part I

To not only survive but to thrive in the New World of Work, a radical change in mindset is required.

The New World of Work – Part II

One of your many challenges is to stay focused on the task at hand, avoid digital distractions and manage increasingly complex and diverse relationships.

The Worst Thing to do When You are Emotional

Suppressing your emotions is not the same as being emotionally resilient.

Setting Goals… But Which Type of Goal?

Setting a goal is the first step, achieving a goal is completely different story.

The Stoic Approach to Life: It’s all About Circles

Focus on making clear what parts of your day are within your control and what parts are not.

Lessons from The Founder: Vision, determination and persistence

As McDonald’s became the biggest restaurant company in the world, savvy salesman Kroc continued to live by his motto of providing customers what they wanted.

One of the Hardest Things to do in Life

Have you ever wondered how you can get some time back, how you can feel less busy?

Life Lessons From Kooza – Le Cirque du Soleil

I really recommend you to go and check out Cirque du Soleil, because there is a lot more to learn beyond the visual and physical appearances.

New Year’s Resolutions…

Review your new year’s resolutions and make sure they follow these simple rules for a good start.

It’s Just a Game – YOUR GAME

Life is a game – your game! Design it or someone else will, and you may not like what they have in mind for you.

From Average to Awesome – One Powerful Idea

If you apply this powerful idea, someone, somewhere, some day will study you and your results and they will stand in awe of both you and what you have accomplish with your life.

Screen time: Disconnected in a Connected World

Whether it’s on social media, texting or in online games, teenagers spend more time connecting in cyberspace than they do in real life.

Reflections On 2020: A Turning Point For Humanity

Looking inward will provide valuable clarity, confidence, and a sense of control over your world and the way forward to navigate external paradoxes.

Thriving Through COVID-19: Master Action Plan

It’s important to shift gears to move from disempowerment and ‘victims of COVID-19’ to empowered change-makers.

Keeping COVID-19 in perspective

While there is a lot of coverage in the news about coronavirus COVID-19, it’s important in these times of uncertainty to keep in mind the two sides of things. Read to find out.

Forget About Goal Setting, Focus On This Instead

This year you’re going to lose weight, tone up and eat clean and healthy. But will you really?

3 Tips To Operate At Peak Performance: Insights From The Hidden Pattern Of Everyday Life

We look for various external “hacks” to get on top of things. Sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t.

Coaching or Consulting: Which one is right for me?

The difference between a consultant and coach might not be always clear, and if that is still something that eludes you. Read this.

Common Unseen Internal Battle That Derails Leaders

In order to be responsive to various demands, you may find yourself behaving in ways that are not consistent with your ‘true self’ and you start to feel fake.

5 Roadblocks That Could Prevent You From Moving Forward

If you’re not getting the results that you wish for, it’s not just about getting a new strategy. Every move starts from within, and that is where most people get it wrong.

How to Boost Job Satisfaction and Meaning at Work

Learning what motivates people, what drives their actions and how this translates into productivity, performance, and loyalty to the company is the first step in acting towards employee engagement.

Build Yourself a Solid Foundation for Entrepreneurial Success

It’s not just about partnering with people that will help you with marketing, sales, branding, finances, business strategies & tactics, or technology. Click to know more.

How to Know When it's Time To Switch Things Up

Here are ways to curb the fatigue and find something to move toward if you feel stuck in a career rut.

Because you can, it doesn’t mean you should

Choosing your career is not about settling for the “default option”. It’s not about the obvious choice, but rather asking yourself: “What would I absolutely love to do?”

Feeling Drained of Energy: What is really going on?

These are the obvious reasons for lacking energy. And these are what we tend to address first – the “physical aspect” of energy. But is that it?

Overwhelmed By Change? 5 Habits To Move From Stress To Success

The inability to adapt to change is a major source of stress in our modern society and has become a natural part of life.

The Third Most Common Reason You Are Unfulfilled At Work

It’s easy to become a victim to outside circumstances, spending time and energy hoping and imagining what our lives would like if the world around were different.

Another Word For Life Is: Choice

Every moment, every second we live, we make a choice… We choose to think about something, someone, someplace, some situation or event.

How A Lesson In Geometry Can Help You Manage Stress

How can geometry help me manage my stress? With the power of The Triangle Process.

The Power Of Gratitude

What you notice and count appreciates. Count your blessings because what you think and thank about, you bring about. It is that simple…

What Innately Drives Human Behaviour

There are two ancient neural circuits within our limbic system that drive human behaviour – reward and threat circuits.

Our Greatest Dilemma!

I read somewhere that “Poor people spend time to save money, rich people spend money to save time.”

Personal Success And Corporate Success: Same Rules

Today I want to expand this framework to Corporate Success because corporations appear as living organisms with additional levels of complexity and reach.

The Second Most Common Reason Why You Are Unfulfilled At Work: It’s Not What You Think

Deep down, you know with certainty that there is more to you than meet the eye. But for some strange reason, it’s not happening… You feel you’re falling short of your capacities…

3 Ways The Brain Creates Meaning

Living a happy and fulfilling life relies on being able to draw meaning out of everyday experiences. One way to find more meaning is to better understand how we create it ourselves.

Perspective Is The Key To Progress

From time to time, we find ourselves doubting… Often these doubts come about for a simple reason. We lack perspective.

The First Most Common Reason You Are Unfulfilled At Work

Did you know that only 30% of employees feel engaged and inspired by their careers? A staggering 18% of executives are actively disengaged.

The Game Of Life

What people really need and demand from life is not wealth, comfort or esteem, but games worth playing.

Response-Ability: Take responsibility for how you feel

Those emotions you feel, as real as them are, come from the inside, not the outside. We all have a choice because we are the ones in charge.

The Real Freedom

We have multiple sides to ourselves – conflicting wants, desires, and fears. If we are not careful, all these forces – pushing and pulling – will eventually tear us apart.

Business rules or Life rules

Rules provide some order or structure in our lives, guidance, and principles to act and make a difference. What rules are we operating from?

Forget About Goal Setting, Focus On This Instead

For some reason, every year at the beginning of the year, there is this buzz for ‘setting goals’.

Why Most People Don’t Achieve Their Goals? Will You Be One Of Them?

People tend to fall back short on their goals. And this happens every year. Even if they have the best intention, most people rarely achieve their goals.

Why Flexibility Is Important For Success In A Changing World

The world is changing constantly and faster and faster. There is no option but to adapt to it if we want to survive, grow and succeed.

The Basis Of Long-Term Change

A very most common idea at the beginning of the year is a phenomenon called “new year’s resolutions”. But the sad thing about new year’s resolutions is they often don’t last!

It’s ALL About Values

When someone is doing something that doesn’t match his/her highest values, that person tends to procrastinate, frustrate and hesitate, lacks energy, enthusiasm, and motivation.

GOOD to GREAT: The Roadmap

In order to move from Good to Great, I’m going to use as a reference a famous essay “The Hedgehog and the Fox” by Isaiah Berlin.

The 3 Areas of Training…

It’s time to take a few minutes to reflect on 3 areas in which the person who would be wise must be trained…

Emotional Strength – Truth & Myths

Contrary to what most people think, emotional strength is not about trying to avoid feeling emotions, or bottling them up inside, or suppressing emotions when they arise.

Life Lessons from Mathematics

After exploring the power and beauty of mathematical ideas from the great thinkers and great theorems, I came to realize that mathematics teaches us important life lessons.

The Enemy of Happiness

Epictetus, the stoic, once said in his discourses “It is quite impossible to unite happiness with a yearning of what we don’t have.”