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Mastery to Success

Are you ready to create your best year?

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Start With Crystal Clarity On What This Year Is All About For YOU

Focus On What Truly Matters And Stay On Track And On Target

Achieve The Results You Desire Most With A Simple System To Reach Your Goals!

Create An Inspiring Year Planner


This template will help you plan your year, increase motivation and momentum and create new habits to thrive and succeed this year!

It's 24-pages of planning magic to live by design!

It contains powerful ideas and simple tips to help you achieve your goals and create more success fulfilment!

  • Simple & Practical, NO FLUFF!

  • Learn how to create momentum

  • Look at the Big Picture & the Small Details

  • BONUS: Additional Templates inside for you to download

  • "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." - Zig Ziglar

  • Discover the 3 ESSENTIAL KEYS TO IGNITE YOUR PERSONAL LEADERSHIP so you can live life fully which means you'll make the most out of this year!

  • SET YOUR FOCUS so you can reach your goals which means you'll be an inspiration for your loved ones, friends and peers.

  • GET CLEAR ON YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS so you can up level your game which means new opportunities to learn and grow.

  • CREATE IMMEDIATE MOMENTUM with a Mindset Exercise which means you get results faster!

  • SCHEDULE YOUR GOALS so you know exactly what to do/when to do it which means you won't be disappointed at the end of year when you look back.

  • LEARN A POWERFUL MINDSET SHIFT so you can be confident of you'll make progress which means you'll be much farther that most people you know!

  • TIPS TO ADJUST YOUR BEHAVIOUR so you make sure you set yourself up for success!

  • CREATE A CONTINGENCY PLAN so you can predict and overcome potential obstacles which means you're most prepared than 90% of the population to succeed!

  • LEARN PRACTICAL TOOLS to avoid getting sidetracked with distractions and low priorities which means you increase your chances to achieve what matters most to you!

  • Meet Dr Olivier Becherel

    Dr Olivier Becherel

    Dr Olivier Becherel, PhD

    Human Potential Activator

    Personal Leadership Specialist

    Life & Business Strategist

    Olivier is the ‘go-to person’ when it comes to clarity, connecting the dots and developing authentic strategies.

    Olivier’s strengths are in helping you simplify, align and integrate life and business priorities so you are able to work smarter and get better results faster.

    His scientific training in neuroscience and medial research taught him how changes in our external environment influence our internal one through cause and effect relationships and different perspectives.

    Olivier ​developed an uncanny ability to see things most people don’t and 'connect the dots'.

    Olivier is on a mission to educate, guide and empower high-achieving professionals to discover who they really are so they can create more success, impact and fulfilment within a career path designed around their unique gifts, skills and talents.

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