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Quantum leap your personal and professional growth

Join The Mastery Circle! 

The Mastery Circle is an exclusive membership for like-minded people seeking to develop self-mastery.

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Accelerate Your Personal & Professional Growth

Over the past 30+ years, we've been exploring in-depth a range of disciplines on our quest to activate human potential, unlock genius, and expand awareness.

Some of the fields we've studied include human behaviour, psychology, neuroscience, medicine, biology, chemistry, philosophy, human potential, physics, mathematics, social sciences, behavioural economics, technology, the mind-body connection, economics and wealth building to mention only a few...

  • Are you feeling stuck and on your own because nothing has changed for the better in your life?

  • Are you feeling drained and unmotivated due to the noise in the world right now and you'd love to spend time with a group of like minded-people to develop yourself personally and professionally?

  • Do you have enough of the shallow stuff and would like to explore new territories and get a broader perspective on life and the workings of the world to move forward?

  • Are you beating yourself up because the last few years you haven’t really spent much time investing in your growth and your future?

  • If that is the case, we'd love to invite you to join The Mastery Circle!

    The Mastery Circle is a playground where we get to share some of the most profound ideas and practical tools we've learned over the past 30+ years from a range of mentors to help those who are on a quest to unlock their genius, realise their potential and accelerate their personal leadership and success

    Joining the Mastery Circle will help you awaken your vision and create your empowering, inspiring and fulfiling life!

  • You want to expand your mind, contemplate new possibilities and access cutting-edge wisdom

  • You are a seeker! Deep down, you know there is more than meets the eye and you want to understand the laws that govern the human universe

  • You strive to be the master of your life and you're interested in timeless principles to self-actualise

  • You have a high value on Personal Development, but you're not interested in PD 101, you want the next level!

  • Knowledge of the Self is the mother of all knowledge. So it is incumbent on me to know myself, to know it completely, to know its minutiae, its characteristics, its subtleties, and its very atoms.

    Khalil Gibran

    Philosopher, writer, poet

    The Mastery Circle Is An Exploration Into The Art & Science Of Personal Leadership And The Natural Laws & Principles That Govern Our Internal and External Worlds

    Empower The 7 Areas Of Life To Play A Bigger Game

    Develop a wholistic perspective by exploring and attending to each area of life to empower yourself and become the master of your destiny, not the victim of your history.

    Expand Your Awareness By Exploring New Territories

    Discover the universal laws and how they apply to every domain of existence, and most importantly, learn how you can apply them in your own life to free the leader within.

    What You Can Expect by Joining The Mastery Circle

    The Mastery Circle
  • Upgrade your mindset and play a bigger game in life

  • Strategies to work smarter and find more flow

  • Greater confidence and self-worth by owning your unique talents

  • Greater emotional resilience and adaptability to change

  • A deeper connection with yourself, your mission and life purpose

  • Develop mentally, emotionally and spiritually to live by design

  • Be part of a small exclusive community of like-minded individuals

  • Be part of a community that support each other

  • Accountability to work on yourself and learn, grow and evolve

  • Are you ready to expand your awareness and understanding of the universal laws and principles that govern the workings of the Human Universe and of the human psyche and behaviour?

    Quantum Leap Your Personal Development

    A few of our popular masterclasses

    Personal Leadership

    Personal leadership is your commitment to take the lead in your own life​. Your opportunity to design, create and achieve your​ ideal ways of living and leading. Discover the Science for Personal Leadership & the Art of Self-Governance.

    Creating New Habits

    Exploring what underlies human behaviour and how to create new habits with tiny changes. Discussing the universal laws, human behaviour, flow & rhythm, priming your environment for success, and setting a personal routine.

    Build Your Career Success

    Discover a holistic view of building career and business success and the importance of not only DOING, but also BEING. Too often neglected in our fast-paced changing world, BEING is crucial for long-term and sustainable life and career success.

    Relationship Dynamics

    An exploration of the dynamics of relationships at different levels through ecology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, the universal laws, and the role of perceptions and values in influencing the forming and breaking of relationships.

    Nurturing Health & Wellbeing

    An exploration of the different dimensions of Health & Wellbeing. In particular, the impact of our our environment and time and we shared simple and practical tips and exercises we can use to nurture our health and wellbeing to thrive and succeed.

    Wealthier Than You Think

    An exploration of wealth, what is being wealthy, and the fundamental principles to build your financial wealth long-term, and how to leverage compounding to accelerate your journey towards financial independence.

    Your Wealth & Money Mindset

    An exploration of Wealth, wealth consciousness, what creates wealth, the connection to energy and our money mindset (Money IQ and Money EQ) to reflect on our ability to develop our wealth consciousness and create more financial wealth. 

    Uncover The Hidden Order

    What does "Hidden Order" mean, where can we find it, and how can we work around our perceptions to uncover the Hidden order, to ultimately come into the present moment, where the order is forever existing and nothing is missing. For it is all complete the way it is as it is...

    Ancient Wisdom, Modern Life

    What is wisdom? How can we develop it? An exploration of simple and practical ideas and concepts to develop unique perspectives, a deeper understanding of perception, and newfound wisdom about life, yourself and and the world around you.

      As A Member Of The Mastery Circle You Get:

      Monthly Online Masterclass

      Join us live from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home to attend our zoom call and get your burning questions answered by Olivier & Marcia.

      Once a month, on a Sunday, we facilitate two sessions, one in the morning (10.00am Brisbane Time, AEST, GMT+10), and one in the afternoon (6.00pm Brisbane Time, AEST, GMT+10).

      Masterclass workbook - Carefully designed content and powerful practical exercises to expand your awareness, rewire your mindset, and unlock your unique potential to grow and evolve.

      Monthly Online Q&A + 'Hot Seat' Coaching

      Q&A + 'Hot Seat' Coaching session with Marcia & Olivier to answer any questions, expand your awareness, solve challenges, help you develop your competitive advantage, and activate your personal leadership.

      One Tuesday per month (6.00pm Brisbane Time, AEST, GMT+10).

      Private Online Members' Area Access

      Re-listen to the Masterclasses and Q&A + Hot Seat Coaching sessions as many times as you want with your private access to our online members' area and access additional resources.

      Private Facebook Community

      Connect with like-minded people, make new friends, ask questions and get support from our close community.

    Program For This Year

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    Sneak Peak Of The Mastery Circle Member Area

    The Mastery Circle Member Area

    Join the Live Masterclasses and Q&A + 'Hot Seat' Coaching sessions facilitated by Olivier and Marcia, or watch the recordings in your own time if you cannot make it live.

    Sessions are recorded and the recordings are available in the member area for each area of life.

    Access the recordings anytime, anywhere and re-watch them as many times as you want to go through the worksheets in your own time.

    Your One-stop-shop for accelerated personal growth and empowerment in all areas of life!

    Grab a cuppa, get comfortable and watch the recording of the session

    Choose the area of life you would to explore.

    For example, Career, Business & Vocational Success, pick your workshop, download the worksheet and go through the exercises in your own time to expand your perspective, overcome roadblocks, and unlock new opportunities for yourself, your life, and your career.

    Dig out the gold from the Q&A + 'Hot Seat' Coaching sessions.


    Hi, We're Olivier & Marcia,

    We believe that it’s every person’s birth right to reach their full potential and have a rewarding and fulfilling career and life so they can bring their original contribution to serve the world. 


    While we both have had successful academic careers, deep down we knew that there was more to life. We wanted to make a global impact and build a better future!


    Over the past 30+ years, we’ve been fortunate to explore a vast range of disciplines and cutting-edge knowledge and techniques that we've integrated to guide, support, and empower professionals, executive and business owners both locally and globally.


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    We invite you to join The Mastery Circle and we look forward to welcome you in this special community of like-minded students of Life & Wisdom on a quest of self-mastery

    Join The Mastery Circle To Get YOUR 12-Month Pass To:

  • Attend our Monthly Live Masterclasses facilitated by Olivier & Marcia via Zoom.

  • Attend our Monthly Live Q&As + 'Hot Seat Coaching' Sessions and get coaching from Olivier & Marcia via Zoom.

  • Access to The Mastery Circle Online Member Area to access all recordings and additional resources.

  • Be part of a like minded-community focused on developing self-mastery and personal leadership.

  • Are you ready to do join us on an exploration of life and the laws to govern it to activate your personal leadership, create more success & fulfilment and unleash the leader within...

    You won't find this anywhere else!

    It's time to get onboard and explore new territories...

    Play a Bigger and Step Up To The Next Level