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Master the Mindset of Wealth Creation

Many people believe that building financial wealth simply relies on financial strategies and tactics.

Of course, these are important!

But... they are missing something!



Because every act of creation starts in your mind first before showing up in your physical reality!

Sadly, that is something many people overlook or even dismiss...

Most people look for shortcuts and rush straight to the latest wealth-building "strategies & tactics" (gimmicks) without assessing whether their money mindset is ready to support those...

However, I know it's not YOU!

You want to do it right, so it's going to work!

That's why you landed here on this page, isn't it...

Congratulations, you're in the right place!

We'd love to help you upgrade your 'money mindset' so you can actually get the wealth-building strategies and tactics work for you long-term.

You see, making money fast does not guarantee that it won't disappear as fast as it came...

The reality is when money comes fast, it often triggers unconscious negative emotions and false beliefs that in many cases can lead to self-sabotaging patterns around money...

You probably know someone that has experienced this, or perhaps you experienced it yourself.

Money plays a far too great role in lives for us to remain unconscious of what it means to us as individuals. Our lack of awareness about our relationship with money is at the root of much of our pain...

Wealth building is all about mindset first!

Most people would love to have more money but very few know how to upgrade their money mindset...

Strategies & tactics alone won't make you wealthy!

Without developing a healthy relationship with money, changing your limiting money beliefs, and building your self-worth, building financial wealth will seems like a never-ending uphill battle...

Building financial wealth depends on your...

Like the Egyptian pyramid, the base is the foundation that holds everything above!

YOUR MONEY MINDSET is what allows your behaviour, actions, strategies and tactics to yield results.

MAP YOUR WEALTH is an Exclusive Workshop Series designed to help you unblock your wealth by teaching you HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR MONEY MINDSET.

What Will You Learn In MAP YOUR WEALTH

Wealth Mindset

Learn how to transform your money mindset so you can create long-term change and unblock your wealth

Wealth Habits

Learn simple ways to change your habits so you start to better manage your money and build your financial wealth

Laws of Wealth

Learn the rules of the game and timeless principles that will transform your financial destiny


A series of practical workshops to establish a solid money mindset that will accelerate your wealth-building.

  • Hands-on workshops designed to create long-lasting transformation

  • Simple ways to upgrade your money mindset

  • Time-tested & proven wealth building principles

  • Exclusive information you won't find anywhere else

  • Covers Mindset, Habits & Strategies

  • Private member area

  • Tell Me More!

    4 DAYS to rewire your mindset, beliefs, habits & emotions around money, so you can transform your financial destiny and elevate your life!

    Welcome to MAP YOUR WEALTH #1

    In this 2-DAY Workshop we explored...

  • What is your definition of wealth

  • Your beliefs about wealth

  • Common myths about wealth

  • The core elements of wealth 

  • The law of compensation to build wealth

  • The drivers of wealth

  • The 4 major roadblocks to wealth building

  • Nothing is missing

  • Map your wealth exercise

  • Your financial statement of purpose

  • Tell Me More!

    There is a direct relationship between your ability to masterfully build financial wealth and your ability to fulfil your overall life potential.

    Dr John Demartini

    Human Behaviour Expert

    Welcome to MAP YOUR WEALTH #2

    In this 1-DAY Workshop we explored...

  • The wealth triangle

  • Build self-worth by owning your talents

  • The nature of beliefs

  • Identifying limiting beliefs about money

  • Dissolving limiting beliefs on money

  • Equilibrating perception to expand awareness and clear emotions

  • Tell Me More!

    If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money!

    Warren Buffet

    Investor Legend

    Welcome to MAP YOUR WEALTH #3

    In this 1-DAY Workshop we explored...

  • The basis of motivation

  • The laws of behaviour

  • The mechanics of taking action

  • Neuroplasticity and long-term change

  • 3 Roadblocks to change

  • Effective self-directed neuroplasticity

  • The Laws of Wealth Creation

  • Wealth Habits

  • New wealth-building habits script

  • Deliberate Practice & focus

  • Tell Me More!

    True wealth is what you're left with when you lose all your money.

    Roger Hamilton

    Futurist & Social Entrepreneur

    Take control of your money mindset, start changing your money habits and take responsibility to transform your financial destiny!

    MAP YOUR WEALTH will give you a solid foundation for your wealth-building journey.

    Choose your option below and start today to rewire your mindset, build self-worth, and transform your financial destiny!

    The best time to start was 10 years ago, the next best opportunity is today!



     2-DAY workshop

    Video recording (20 Modules)

    Duration 9.5 hrs

    2x Workbooks (PDF)

    (Value $497)



    1-DAY workshop

    Video recording (10 Modules)

    Duration 5.3 hrs

    1x Workbook (PDF) 

    (Value $247)

    TOTAL VALUE $744

    ONLY $397

    Access Now!



    2-DAY workshop

    Video recording (20 Modules)

    Duration 9.5 hrs

    2x Workbooks (PDF)

    (Value $497)



    1-DAY workshop

    Video recording (10 Modules)

    Duration 5.3 hrs

    1x Workbook (PDF)

    (Value $247)



    1-DAY workshop

    Video recording (12 Modules)

    Duration 6 hrs

    1x Workbook (PDF)

    (Value $247)

    TOTAL VALUE $991

    ONLY $497

    Access Now!

    Most of the time, people ignore the REAL KEY of wealth building: MINDSET

    That's right!

    Your money mindset is truly what determines your financial wealth because you mindset - money EQ and money habits dictate how you manage what you make!

    Choose your option and start now, you won't regret it!

    Earning Disclaimer

    The Wealthier YOU 8 Weeks Challenge is an educational program on the psychology, and human behaviour of wealth building. We don't believe in get rich quick schemes - only in dedication, discipline, adding value to people's lives, and serving others. 

    Our programs are intended to help you learn, integrate and apply mindset ideas to build wealth that have stood the test of time. 

    As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We are not certified or trained financial planners or investors, lawyers, or licensed financial advisers and we do no dispense professional or legal advice on finances, investing, and wealth building. 

    Nothing in this course is a promise or guarantee of future earnings. 

    We recommend that you obtain your own independent advice from a trusted professional when taking this financial advice/plan into consideration for us.

    In the event you use of this information for yourself and/or share it with others, Mastery to Success Pty Ltd, its directors, owners, employees and representatives, assume no responsibility and no liability for your actions and their consequences. 

    Any financial numbers referenced here are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings - all numbers are illustrative only.

    Read our financial disclaimer