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Human Design Combo - EASTER SPECIAL

Unlock Your Human Design Power

To Live The Life You Want!

Take advantage of my Easter Special to create magic for yourself

or for a loved one!

(Offer ends on 10 APRIL 2023 MIDNIGHT)

Understand Your Unique Human Design Will Help You...

  • Create more flow, ease, and less resistance.

  • Avoid burnout, fatigue, and loss of motivation.

  • Let go of the conditioning to live life more freely.

  • Honour your unique gifts and live authentically.

  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself to refine your current and future strategies.

  • Better know how you can relate and interact with others while setting your boundaries to avoid being be steamrolled.

  • Identify the things that are bogging you down.

  • Remove some of the pressure on yourself so you can thrive.

  • The perfect gift for yourself, a loved one, a family member, a friend, or a colleague to help them to create more flow, confidence, abundance and fulfilment in their life, career or business!

    Honestly, Human Design is one of the most powerful tools for self-awareness.

    There is so much in your human design chart to support you in your personal and professional growth!

    It's a gift that keeps on giving!


    You get 2x Coaching Sessions for the price of one!

    Get $1,050 worth of coaching value for only $550

    Human Design Chart Reading Session

    SESSION #1

    Human Design Chart Reading Session with Dr Olivier Becherel valued at $550 (90 mins session). In the session we will do a deep dive into your chart to cover the following:

  • Work Smarter, NOT Harder!

  • Your Energy Type (How your energy is designed to interact with the world around you)

  • Your Authority (How you're designed to make decisions)

  • Your Major Life Themes & Conditioning (What your energy blueprint tells us about what patterns & conditioning you've picked up & and how to get back to your authentic self)

  • Your Personality Profile

  • And so much more...

  • Implementation Session

    SESSION #2

    1:1 Coaching Session with Dr Olivier Becherel to implement your human design strategies valued at $500 (90 mins session). In the session we will look at the practical ways and simple strategies for you to follow and live your human design, so you can experience more flow in your life, career or business.

    Plus you will also get the following...

    As part of the session, you receive the recordings of the sessions and a summary report of your human design chart

    so you can go back and refer to it anytime you want.

    Not only that, but I will also put all the wisdom of your chart in the context of your current situation, your goals and your biggest challenges and give you some strategies on what you can do right now to start making deep changes and experience more fun, ease and success in all areas of your life.

    Literally, two 1:1 coaching sessions on steroid!

    What Clients Say About Their Human Design Chart Reading

    "Thank you so much for my reading. It was both enlightening and confirmatory. I feel I can let go of some self-judgment and step into deeper understanding and awareness."


    "What I learned was in the reflection, how perfect it is and that my experiences through reflection make complete sense and offer me. I got practical, perceptual, and actual tools to clear things, to get things, going, to move them. It offers me a framework. I got inspiration. I got some clarity and I have some energy to put into strategy and some of the things that are currently going on. I feel now very inspired by the opportunity and I can see it now."


    "I got a renewed appreciation for my skillset. I've been getting that message through and to see some of that stuff today just said. It really is real. Stop doubting it and stop second-guessing it and stop worrying about it. It's actually there. What I got from it was, be who you are in this world and show up the way you're supposed to show up because then people will show up. Just really drives home the message that we have the power of everything we need within ourselves."


    Take advantage of my Easter Special to create magic for yourself

    or for a loved one!

    (Offer ends on MONDAY 10 APRIL 2023 MIDNIGHT)


    (Offer ends on 10 APRIL 2023 MIDNIGHT)

    P.S. You won’t see this Special offer ever again! It’s up to you!



    Just to reassure you, you don’t have to have your session during Easter!

    You can have it any time after Easter until 30 JUNE 2023.

    Simply purchase your EASTER SPECIAL during Easter to take advantage of this huge saving!