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What comes to mind when you think of success?

For most people, it’s a good education, a stable job, and years of hard work to achieve promotions and financial security.

Fancy job titles and large paycheques mean nothing if you’re spending your days unfulfilled, drained of energy and lacking the confidence to make a change that matters.

However, if you’re like us, you suspect there’s more to success than meets the eye.

There is so much more to life...

Imagine this...

  • It’s one year from today…

  • A year ago you were waking up full of dread about the day ahead of you. You were slaving away, draining yourself for the sake of earning a living. Everything in you craved change and a sense of purpose, but you were paralysed by uncertainty. 

    You were so busy and focused on the day-to-day to make a living that you almost forgot to make a life.

  • Finally, you made a wise choice.

  • You chose to invest in yourself. You chose freedom, purpose and true expression of your potential.

  • Now, you wake up each day inspired with abundant joy and limitless energy.

    Your newfound confidence has given way to complete clarity and certainty.

    You’ve put the work in to move through what was blocking you, and you’ve finally activated your personal leadership.

  • Now, you know where you’re going and most importantly, you’re certain of your why

    Being a high impact professional is not easy in any sense: practically, physically, emotionally, or psychologically.

    With the increasing demands and complexity of your role, it’s easy to be consumed and neglect the impact your mindset and wellbeing have on your success.

    How is more freedom, influence and money any good to you if you can’t enjoy it because of your mental, emotional and physical health?

    What frustrates us the most: Seeing talented men and women, just like you, failing not because they don’t have the knowledge, skills or talents, but because of their subconscious internal conflicts.

    Misalignment and mental or emotional roadblocks are the biggest hurdles on the way to achieving success, fulfilment and impact at work and in life.

    Your personal and professional success is a direct reflection of you, and your mindset is the driving force.

    With over 30+ years of experience across the mind-body connection, neuroscience, human behaviour and personal leadership, we bring you time-tested methods & proven strategies that guarantee results.

    This means that you can step into your role with a solid foundation, rather than failing through a series of half-attempted fads.

    We are here to help you unlock your personal leadership, map out a clear path forward and build a strong foundation with the optimal mindset you need to thrive and succeed

    For the most successful professionals, investing in your personal and professional development is not a luxury.

    It’s an absolute necessity.

    We guide, assist and support our clients with their personal & professional development journey!

    Our clients are people who want to...

  • Go to the next level of their life and career

  • Tap into their full potential because they know they have more inside

  • Be on the path of a rewarding and meaningful career

  • Make a difference through their work

  • Create financial independence to enjoy more freedom

  • When we work with you, you will develop greater:

  • Clarity, which means you can step forward confidently to your next level

  • Self-awareness, which means you can work smarter and get better results

  • Resilience, which means that you can cope with the pressure of ever-increasing demands and navigate change effortlessly

  • Personal leadership, which means you can have more freedom and fun while making a difference

  • Understand your unique design so you can experience more flow and ease in your life

  • Clarity of your purpose and mission in life so you feel inspired every day

  • Self-belief and an action plan, which means you can earn good money doing what you love

  • Our clients reach out to us when they are feeling stuck in their career, at loss, or standing at a crossroad in their life, and they need to make a decision for the next step on their path, but they are not clear on who they really are and what career path is truly aligned with them

    We specialise in helping high-achieving professionals, just like yourself, break through to the next level of your life + career by creating a clear path forward

    We’d love to work with you if:

  • You’re ready to find your true purpose and unlock your potential

  • You want to work smarter, be more effective and get better results

  • You’ve made space in your life to learn proven strategies for success

  • You’re not scared of deeply knowing and understanding yourself

  • You want to create something original that will have a lasting impact

  • You’re open-minded and ready for the next level

  • We’re probably not a right fit for you if:

  • You’re unwilling to change and question deep-seated assumptions

  • You’re comfortable in the status quo

  • You think you’ve already got all the tools you need

  • You’re not prepared to invest in yourself

  • You're looking for counselling

  • You just want to find someone to vent your spleen


    That means you are living the life many people are only dreaming of having...

    Our Signature program CLEAR PATH FORWARD

    How can this coaching program help you with your life career or business?

    Clear Path Forward is the result of more than 20+ years of coaching experience and research in human behaviour and human potential condensed into a practical result-focused 10 week 1:1 coaching program.

    It's a proven 5-step process that aligns thinking, feeling and doing to enhance personal leadership capabilities to helping you develop greater self-awareness, more resilience and a design a tailored authentic strategy to help you get a clear path forward in life.

    From Clear Path Forward, you will leave with:

  • Crystal clarity on your core values and core drivers so you know exactly why you do what you

  • Strategies to work smarter, not harder based on your unique design

  • Greater confidence and self-worth by owning your unique talents and strengths

  • Greater emotional resilience and adaptability to change because you now how to master your emotions and balance your perceptions

  • A deeper connection with yourself, your life mission and life purpose

  • A personalised action plan based on your unique design so you achieve your personal and professional goals

  • In Clear Path Forward, we partner with you to create more clarity, build your confidence and map out your own unique path forward to experience greater success, meaning and fulfilment in your life and career

    You could do that on your own but it's going to take you a lot more time, effort and cost you way more money...

    It's time to get the support you need to unlock your true potential and break through to the next level of your life and career!

    I completed Olivier & Marcia's Clear Path Forward program a few months ago. If only I had done it 10 years ago, the business person/accountant in me knows that I would have done things differently and retired with 10 times the wealth I have now.

    Alan Elphinstone

    Marcia and Olivier are excellent coaches who I would recommend highly. They are able to assist you to tackle any issue as well as grow your business. Balancing theory with practicality, they are able to assist you to take your life to the next level. Their deep knowledge and content is unique and cannot be found elsewhere.

    Gail Bray

    Live by design, not by default with a clear path forward!

    Time to stop going around in circles and wasting more previous time and energy...

    Are you ready to do what it takes to break through to the next level of your life + career so you can thrive and not just survive?

    More research and information won't take you there...

    Shifts in perspective to create clarity, breaking through mental and emotional roadblocks to gain confidence, and a personalised action plan with the support and guidance from experienced coaches will!