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Accelerate your success in your career and in life!

Get crystal clarity on who you truly are, build your confidence and create your unique step-by-step roadmap to create the life and career you'd love!

Clear Path Forward Online is for you if:

  • Learns best at your own pace and like to do things on your own

  • Enjoys learning online by watching videos at home, taking notes and doing exercises in private

  • Values privacy and sharing things with other people is 'not your thing'

  • Is committed to transform your life & career situation and you're looking for a step-by-step program

  • Has tried hard on your own to figure it all out and realised you need expert guidance

  • Has a limited budget and that should not stop you from creating new life & career opportunities!

  • Clear Path Forward Online probably isn't for you if:

  • You don't like technology, using your computer and learning online. (Then, choose to work 1:1 with us!) 

  • You bought a lot of online courses before that you never really completed. (Why would this course be different?)

  • You're not prepared to put the time & energy to complete the exercises. (Then, be realistic about your results)

  • You’re not sure if you're really willing to break through to the next level. (Then, your 'WHY' is not big enough)

  • You’re comfortable in the status quo. (Then, enjoy your life as it is and don't beat yourself up about it!)

  • You prefer to work 1:1 directly with a coach and you find it hard to keep yourself accountable (Then, reach out!)

  • You’re not prepared to invest any time, energy, and money in yourself. (Then, no one can really help you...)


    Over 10 weeks, we are going to guide you to uncover your unique success blueprint to find the path that is most aligned with you so you can create more success, fulfilment, and make the biggest impact!


  • Mentoring by two coaches with 20+ years of experience and complementary expertise and skill sets

  • Your Own Online Learning Portal to access the program anywhere, anytime on any device!

  • Weekly Short Video Lessons to get a deeper understanding of yourself and of human behaviour

  • Worksheets with carefully designed exercises to create transformation and rapid change

  • Bonus Inclusion With Clear Path Forward Online

  • Exclusive Invitation To Join The Mastery Circle for 12 months, a private group where you can attend and participate in monthly workshops, masterclasses and group sessions, or simply access the archive of content to continue your personal and professional development journey after Clear Path Forward (Value $2,997)


  • Mentoring and guidance from two expert coaches with weekly lessons & exercises (Value $1,497)

  • Access your own learning portal from anywhere, anytime on any device (Priceless!)

  • BONUS: Exclusive invitation to join The Mastery Circle for 12 months (Value $2,997)

  • TOTAL VALUE: $4,494 AUD


    $997 AUD Paid In full

    (Payment Plans available see below)


    Now that you have all the information, it's time to make a choice...

    If you're serious about getting unstuck, creating clarity on your next step to move forward, and transforming your career and life, we've made it simple and easy for you to start your CLEAR PATH FORWARD journey.

    Simply choose the payment option below that suits you best to start today!

    We look forward to sharing with you transformational tools to help you step up to the next level of your life and career and experience more success, meaning and fulfilment!

    See YOU on the inside!