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The foundation to Olivier’s approach to coaching is grounded in his scientific background as a researcher in neuroscience and medical research. Through his research, Olivier observed the patterns of life and its unique adaptability. His findings set off a curiosity for how seemingly unrelated factors combine to create a desired outcome, and how this pattern plays out in the life of each person.

His integrative approach will provide clarity on how factors throughout your life have influenced who you are, what drives you, and what you can do to achieve your personal goals and a successful career. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused and lost, Olivier is the ‘go to’ person to help you regain clarity, confidence and certainty of your path and get back on track to achieve what you desire most.

Hit a roadblock in life or career?

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Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator
Neuro-Emotional Technique Practitioner

Marcia has expanded beyond her academic qualifications in medicine and incorporated complementary health in her practice. Her further learnings in neurolinguistic programming, and neuro-emotional technique and the Demartini Method®, have given way to a deep understanding of how emotional intelligence, mindset, and honouring yourself affect your personal and professional success.

She understands that mastering the emotions is an essential element for a successful life and career. If you’re currently experiencing an emotional rollercoaster, anxiety or stress, Marcia is the ‘go to’ person to help you break through the emotions and limiting beliefs that are weighing you down, giving you the freedom to fully shine.

Going through the emotional rollercoaster.

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